Kamikaze attack is Shirinugui of late war of defeat rich had no need to do the " Imperial Headquarters " .

Kamikaze attack is ※Shirinugui of late war of defeat rich had no need to do the " Imperial Headquarters "

Shirinugui=( To clean up , such as failure of others )

It 's what everyone think so is to be read in a will of Kamikaze- commando ... " Do not repeat the war again " , can not see by eliminating tears .

Letters such as suicide note kamikaze pilot was wrote , which is the street ... certainly " a testament to peace ," the " tragedy of the war " , " feelings to those who love " is spelled out , there is no objection .

But can I had gone to stop thinking just by beautifying the " emotion ", " immersed in the sentimental " as After watching "zero " eternal entertaining movie with the theme of the hero of Kamikaze- commando it Is it?

"Why , Kamikaze- commando or was necessary ? If you can think of in my head and " ..., and should be " think " .

The first place it was recognized as a reckless even the leadership of the state at the time " against the U.S. war = the Pacific War " is
It is obtained by war rush by " politics not be determined due to sectionalism of the Army and Navy ."

If so accept the unconditional surrender early as they become rich if defeat ,

Than did not have young young officer to suicide are they?

If , than there is no need to die ? ... Everyone will reach such a question .

Is a heroic treatment as " suicide corps " , but suicide is not a normal tactics .

KAMIKAZE is a guerrilla war itself .

"Why , in a war situation of defeat thick of late war at the time , land, navy did they organize the Kamikaze- commando ? "

They Kamikaze- commando is " existence as Shirinugui " by sectionalism of bureaucratic staff of our army and navy .
 ( To clean up , such as failure of  others )
Our staff and Navy , Army Imperial Headquarters is was compromised by issuing a Kamikaze- commando from both armies as a result of the " blame game of each other " in this .

Japanese feel so you know that the fact of Kamikaze- commando ... " Do not repeat the war again " , it should be an overview of this war at the hands of the Japanese .

Tokyo trial summary ? It is only the victorious powers did as a " ceremony of the winners " and " banquet " .
But some responsibility as a war prosecutor course Class-A war criminals who were executed was Hideki Tojo beginning ,
And some of the victorious powers from the defeated nation of Japan to " feast " is " human sacrifice " .

That you order a case suicide is a " sentence of death " so to speak .
It is also a summary of war by the Japanese themselves what condemn the Imperial Headquarters ordered that the " sentence of death " .

Still , I wonder if there is meaning to the existence to beautify Kamikaze- commando standing more than 70 years after the war ?
Some persons became even a president of a major trading company and among them into the government , government and goods OB our Imperial Headquarters that after the war , was dismantled . To beautify the Kamikaze- commando for the Imperial Headquarters OB they are a thing to justify social status , position , achievements . I mean there is a need to beautify the Kamikaze- commando while they are alive .

" In his own own " young officer who was said from a military superior and suddenly " die " and found motivation for die just ... should not want to die . The answer is " family" is a "mother " and " child that unseen " . Only this is the tragedy of the Kamikaze- commando.

" Kamikaze- commandoo What was ? It should be verified for sentimental reasons without not glorify such as " , it is also one of the war summary by Japanese .
Otherwise it is not may end up by the Self-Defense Forces in the " same tragedy " again .
Able to protect their own Japanese on Japanese as a matter of course , does not deserve to complain from China and South Korea .
It is one of the options to protect themselves Japan Japanese also it if faced with the choice of " nuclear-armed " .
Need not be disturbed even in the U.S. .

After the war , the Army - Navy was dismantled , but has been handed down to the Kasumigaseki bureaucrats even now " sectionalism of bureaucratic staff of our Army and Navy " , it is a vertically integrated administration of the earthquake reconstruction , the Fukushima nuclear accident in
The current situation is that no one take responsibility , but you can beautify a " suicide squad " to end nuclear power plant workers it , media to avoid having to report it with his intention of sponsors , we face up to the reality of their somewhere I'm avoiding things .


( Citation below )
The 4th , with the aim of world memory Heritage of 333 points such as the suicide note of members of Municipal Chiran suicide peace hall to collection , Kagoshima Prefecture, southern Kyushu City, there was a former Japanese army Chiran airfield Pacific War , kamikaze pilot many flew the United Nations I was sent an application form educational, Scientific and Cultural organization ( UNESCO ) headquarters .

Relic you are applying for and was named "Letter from Chiran " . The city of about 10,004 thousand points of peace Hall collection , date and name of the members are described , chose the 165 persons that can be identified as the handwriting of the person .

Wakamatsu Fujio Ensign = at the time of the prefecture Hayato -cho (now Kirishima ) thinks that took off from Chiran on June 3, 1945 (19 ) = to ( suicide note are given in the last moment ) last writing laughing Conqueror " Mother Fujio is ( boiled the spelling with " you can ) , I put the thought of many thoughts to the mother . Shimode Kanpei mayor said, " want to send to the world through a message left on an important person in extreme conditions , and do not repeat the war again ."

World memory Heritage , founded for the purpose of protection , such as a valuable document that should not be forgotten . Including " The Diary of Anne Frank " in the Netherlands , 3 coal mine and record images of the Fukuoka region Chikuho Yamamoto Sakube drew is registered in the country. And towards the registration of 2015 , a national treasure that country is transmitted to To-ji Temple in Kyoto " Toji lily document" , Kyoto Maizuru is aimed at application submission of " withdrawal related documents and Japanese Siberian detention " . Recommendation of one country can be up to 2 , future , Japanese National Commission for UNESCO is to discuss .

Source ( West newspaper ) http://www.nishinippon.co.jp/nnp/national/article/67667

In the Pacific War Battle of Okinawa , Chiran suicide peace Kaikan , save and portrait , relics , suicide note , letter of 1,036 persons Army special attack members which became deceased Shi hit the body together with ALL enemy ships plane was爆装no human history similar case has published .
Letter , such as suicide note kamikaze pilot was wrote is a " testament to the peace " the " tragedy of the war " , " feelings to those who love " was spelled .
In these materials , I believe Telling Live Lessons to the people of the world the horror of war , and to transmit that referred to as " must not occur to war again " , to be extremely valuable storage heritage for mankind .
In order to save without having to damage or lost "Letter from Chiran " a kamikaze pilot was wrote to sortie before the ( Chiran suicide suicide note ) , and go Kataritsui permanently to the next generation as a treasure of the human race , we , 2015 I aim to UNESCO world heritage Site of storage year .

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