Sexual offenses to the Japanese by Korean-Japanese once again! Attempted rape drug to a 13-year-old girl this time!

Sexual offenses to the Japanese by Korean-Japanese once again! Attempted rape drug to a 13-year-old girl this time!

Methamphetamine injection suspect molested Kyoto, Japan、 in junior high school students as well, man arrested

The 23rd, were injected with stimulants girl in junior high school, Minami-sho Kyoto Prefectural Police Juvenile Division as was an indecent act,
Minami-ku, Kyoto Higashikujokamigoryo town on suspicion of Child Prostitution and Pornography Act violations and Stimulant Drug Control Law violations,
Was revealed to have been arrested company executive gold Keiichi suspect Korean nationality (56).
The same day, I was charged.

Arrested on suspicion that it was a promise to pass tens of thousands of yen in cash to two girls in the Kyoto resident March 9, was a 13-year-old,
Doubt you are injected with methamphetamine at home, was an indecent act.

According to the south station, the girl to write that allude to sex with minors dating app for smartphones,
March 8, I got to know Kim.
At the time, the mother had consulted south station in runaway.


京都、中学生に覚せい剤注射容疑 わいせつ行為も、男逮捕





Abe administration of Japan disinfect the Korean prostitute to exploit the working holiday

Abe administration of Japan disinfect the Korean prostitute to exploit the working holiday

Measures to be Shinzo Abe administration has taken has spread ripples in Korea. For working holiday and accept foreigners stay for a certain period of time while working, it's that do not allow the visa issued to Korean women 26 years of age or older from this year. South Korean media have been analyzed "by the Japanese government, whether it is banning Korean prostitute" he said.

Working holiday program between Japan and Korea began in 1999. The examination who pass, visa valid for one year is issued. 18-25 year-old's interest in principle, but is intended for up to 30 years of age except Ireland and South Korea, 30-year-old full to have recognized the issue exceptionally well in Korean.

However, the Korean women 26 years of age or older, visa would no longer be recognized as the beginning of this year.

Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be described indifferently "and is not recognized only 25 years old originally, visa based on a working holiday between Japan and Korea is also hosting a rule has not changed," but perceptions of South Korea is different .

South Korea, Yonhap News pointed out in the 15 date "view that the Korean women in recent years, has been prostitution in Japan by exploiting the system has been deported after another is to have influence is out," said I reported as follows changes in the Japanese side.

723 people, who pass examination of working holiday visa for April-June period "this year, less than half of (1461 people) the same period last year. January-March period in 880 people and is down to about half of the (1652 people) the same period last year. Pass rate was 90% stand until a few years ago, fell to 70% range. The biggest factor is 0% almost examination pass rate of women 26 years of age or older. Visa has been observed up to 30-year-old male "

Is there a possibility of "freeze-out whore".

Murotani Katsumi Mr. journalist familiar with the Korean situation was pointed out that said, "beyond the scope of the original, such as study abroad and youth exchanges, it has been exploited," said to have been the cloak of invisibility of "export prostitute" is working holiday program.

For the number of Korean prostitute who is in Japan, hard data does not exist. However, in October 2010, the National Assembly parliamentary audit of Korea and women home Ministry, "there are Korean prostitutes of about 10 million people abroad" of this ", testicles Italy (Kim Okui) Rep. of most in Japan it is said about 50,000 people have "working.

In South Korea crack down on prostitution in '04 "sex trade special prevention method" since it was enacted, "the sex industry a major exporter" has been "reign" as (Korea paper, Chosun Ilbo). In August last year, seized all at once the 47 women on suspicion of Busan National Police Agency has prostitution abroad such as Japan and Australia.

To be, Murotani Mr. Abe "If you try to reconsider the working holiday program, we have been in the way veteran members of South Korea like the Liberal Democratic Party is saying such as" because of the exchange of "youth. Struck hand finally until now." I evaluate the regime.

Park Geun (Park Ohakune) President "anti-Japanese diplomacy", Japan and South Korea's relationship so that it remains lackluster. Under these circumstances, if we were able to start to plan amendment it was untouchable long, it may be a blessing in disguise say.