Sneaky! My wife is pregnant, and my father raped her daughter to her libido of sexual desire! ~ Korea

Sneaky! My wife is pregnant, and my father raped her daughter to her libido of sexual desire! ~ Korea

"Father please ..." Teen who received sexual assault, pregnancy, abortion surgery

Mr. A (41), a day laborer, married the current wife of the child in 2009 in the early thirties.

When her daughter-in-law who was 10 years old when she was married grew unnoticed and became a young man, Mr. A embraced a bad heart.

Summer of 2014 when Mr. daughter B (18) was 15 years old. He began to act indecently, such as touching B's body.

"My mother is pregnant and there is no libido of sexual desire, I am frustrated, I do not want to go to the store with paying money. Please touch me. Please bear for my mother."

It did not end with sexual abuse. Mr. A beat the daughter-in-law for the first time at the apartment in Incheon on October the same year.

Mr. A forced him to say, "Do not talk to your mother, do sexual intercourse" while talking about the daughter-in-law's problem at school.

Mr. B rejected and hit a plastic broom and a hanger to break.

"I do not want it, father, please."

Mr. B's terrible weeping could not win Mr. A's strength. Mr. A who closed the door of the entrance took his own daughter in resistance to resist while swinging his hands and feet flapping, and sexually assaulted.

Since that day, Mr. A's sexual assault lasted five times in total until August last year.

If Mr. B refuses sexual intercourse, he took away his mobile phone and did not allow him to go out. I did not give any pocket money, so I decided not to go to school. I tried to cut B's hair with scissors.

Mr. A shot a specific part of the body with a mobile phone at the time of sexual assault on Mr. B and photographed a naked picture with his toilet at home.

He absolutely did not raise a place like "Solarnet", he always hid and watched it with only one person, "he made a surprising excuse.

B got pregnant in December 2014 and received abortion surgery in February of the following year. I could not eat bowl of rice because I could not have stopped bleeding and my tears did not stop.

On the day of the abortion surgery, Mr. A said that "Our daughter operated, so we can not do sexual intercourse for a while".

However, Mr. A took sexual assault again in less than a week after the daughter-in-law was undergoing abortion surgery.

Ms. B's mother knew the fact that her daughter was sexually assaulted by her father, but she left it so that her husband and daughter could use the same room.

When Mr. B received sexual assault, he recorded the content of his conversation with his father and submitted it to the investigation agency.

She pulled out a terrible memory again, saying, "I was sexually assaulted by my stepfather many times and I abandoned virtually abstaining to resist," "I also thought that I just wanted to finish early".

"I declared that my parents will divorce if declared and my brother will experience the same pain, I hesitated to declare so far."

When the investigation began, Mr. B's mother said to her daughter, "It is true that father had sexual intercourse with you, but it is not sexual assault," and "If you assert that you've been sexually assaulted, you will be punished for punishment" I gave it.

Mr. A also totally denied charges of sexual violence when it agreed, while acknowledging the fact that he had sexual intercourse with a daughter in law in the past. In addition, he insisted that Mr. B agreed that he shot his body with a mobile phone.

However, the court judged that not only the situation depiction which can not be said is included, but also it is consistent and clear, unless Mr. B's statement has been experienced directly. Is it?

Incidental district court criminal division 13 (Judge Kim Jin-cheul manager) announced on February 23 that he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for Mr. A who was charged with rape by kinship relations, camera shooting, and suspected injury.

The court also ordered Mr. A to take an 80 hour sexual assault treatment program.

The court stated that "the defendant is responsible for protecting the victim so that the victim can grow physically and physically healthy as an accused father", "to abandon its obligation and resolve distorted sexual desire , I continued sexual assault on young victims. "

Subsequently, "The victim seems to have received sexual shame and healing psychological distress", "Although he committed an anti-human crime, he denied almost, he did not reflect on it and the guilt was very heavy" And revealed reasons for sentencing
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性的虐待で終わらなかった。 Aさんはその年の10月の夜、仁川のマンションで義理の娘を初めて性暴行した。






















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