TPP is the culmination of Japan after World War II by the U.S. government

TPP is a culmination of post-war Japanese occupation Japanese government America you want to hide covered with Yamaguchi serial murder arson the abomination of TPP negotiations sauce fart by (multinational group of companies).

Poti is not only showed a belly to master is a gesture of deference to the United States attitude the Japanese negotiating team has showed it in the match-fixing negotiations "is predetermined".

Afternoon the 25th, negotiation meeting (TPP) Pacific Partnership Agreement, which was opened in Kota Kinabalu - Kota Kinabalu (East Malaysia) = Teraoka Hideki] of Malaysia was ended. Koji Tsuruoka chief negotiator and description "did not dare to volunteer to negotiate a pair of eleven (countries)" at a press conference after the closing. Suggesting that the eleven countries to join the United States and ahead, it was not asked to the exception of tariff elimination five important items such as rice. negotiating parties participating countries are puzzled in "Japan does not claim".
Mr. Tsuruoka stressed that "no one who does not know the position of Japan" in an interview. Received a description of the negotiations elapsed from participating countries in the "Japan Session", it was implied that you did not speak the idea of ​​Japan's five important items. It is expected to be seen that it is consultation between the two countries for customs duties in the discussion of TPP is large, and has been determined to claim the "exception" chief negotiator is in an area gather and, not appropriate.
On the other hand, at a press conference after the closing, Jayashiri chief negotiators of the Presidency Malaysia description relates to the field of negotiations dealing with tariffs on industrial products such as agricultural products and that difficulties of "market access". Said, "In order to accelerate the negotiations, agreed to (making the) government negotiations (of countries) work Project". Seen and signed a discussion about such things that make up a time frame of up to settlement. The next meeting will be held in Brunei on 22 to 30 August.

→ However, trying to deflect the eye citizens (B layer) Do Dakikon ※the Masugomi such a case every day for that to not to show the figure does not go to the people of Japan but also shows off that it is a dog A obedient to America which mean that working hard.

the Masugomi=The derogatory term of vested rights media in Japan

In Yamaguchi Prefecture directions from the address, the 26th, police Zhou south station investigation headquarters on suspicion of uninhabited structure etc. arson and murder, (Homi) Mitsunari suspects (63) unemployed Homi was no longer know the whereabouts after the incident arrested.

It is a typical pattern of mass murder of Japan represented by Tsuyama incident that became a model for "eight grave village". You might think not a big city, why, and this incident is the idyllic countryside. However, the number of murder often urban but the occurrence ratio of per 10,000 population often suburbs.

In rural areas, I make a society rich human relations of mutual assistance. However, the relationship is twisted once, if you do not get away from there, it's nasty. If there is an awful experience the human mind, there is work to be not to think about it. However, it is not possible with the other that caused unpleasant, in an environment that must match the face every day and "do not think" that. Resentment deepens more I thought. It may occur if the region is not limited to the countryside, there is a rich human relations school with less number of people, companies, even in urban areas.

Mass murderer's terrible perpetrator, but the person thinks "I'm victims oppressed unfairly" he said. when emotions piled estimates, causing incident based on the idea "I'll make it to the end all," "lonely victim finally rising, make the with iron of justice" and at the end of the last. Tsuyama criminal incidents committed suicide, criminal Ikeda small incident wanted the death penalty. The feature is not going to return to everyday life. Homi suspect was found on day 6, but not even wearing shoes in the mountains, it was confessed frankly. It will only sought grave in the mountains.

Hari the poster of the "Redneck pleased smoke to put beauty" in the window, and shouted to the neighbors and set up a surveillance camera and mannequin. It looks "I'm angry" and on the surface, but it's SOS if flip side of "hurting". However, representation is not understandable clumsy, isolation deepens further. Referred to in the New Year two years ago, and to consult the police isolated in the village, but to the point where there are only police person you speak trouble on New Year, isolated 's that had have proceeded.
(Social psychology expert, Niigata Seiryo large Professor, Graduate School)

nikkansports.com http://www.nikkansports.com/general/news/p-gn-tp0-20130727-1163781.html

In serial murder, arson incident five residents were killed Shunan Jinfeng in (Utaki), 26th Yamaguchi prefectural police,
Unemployed nearby and arrested for murder (79) Yamamoto's Miyako, in uninhabited structure, such as arson suspect,
Homi Mitsunari (Homi configuration) suspect (63) recognized the arson suspect and Yamamoto's killing, the killing of four other
It is said that the statement "I did it" and even about. Suspect arrested in day 6 incident,
Focus shifts to understanding motivation of incidents (antacid) appalling.

Around 21, at home of Mr. Yamamoto, arrest suspicion, killed in hit with something like a blunt instrument Yamamoto,
You are going to set fire.

Over over what happened behind the incident. According to the residents, Homi suspects from Jinfeng district township settlements of the crime scene. I left the local after graduating from junior high school to a distance of about 7 km.

Trouble story haunts the Homi suspects adulthood. About 10 years until around 1996, of Tama-ku Kawasaki
And that was the work of living in the apartment plasterer. I remember male neighbors were using the same parking lot as Homi suspect (67) is, the was angry Homi suspect in trouble about the car. I said, "told me that there is that the son was also flung" said tiff with residents of the apartment also were many.

When I returned to hometown in the care of his father, there was no trouble. The greeting politely as "Thank you very much," but rather, it was devoted According woman original home helper was helping to care (65).

But, since his father died seven years ago, evaluation change. "Eyes will change, it was hard to unapproachable".
It was to stand out is a "whimsy", such as put mannequins only upper body home.

Trouble with residents began to stand out from this time. Male classmate said, "gradually went away from the other side" he said. In 2003, there was also one of the victims who were killed in this incident was stabbed with a knife the suspect in Homi Shuseki.

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 農村では、濃厚な人間関係が助け合いの社会を生む。だが、1度関係がこじれ、そこから逃れられないと、やっかいだ。人間の心は嫌なことがあると、そのことを考えないようにする働きがある。だが、嫌なことのあった相手と、毎日顔を合わせなければならない環境では「考えない」ことができない。恨みは考えれば考えるほど深まる。田舎に 限らず、人数の少ない学校、会社、都市部でも濃厚な人間関係がある地域なら起こり得る。 


 窓に「つけびして煙喜ぶ田舎者」という張り紙を張り、近所の人に怒鳴り、マネキンや監視カメラを設置した。表面的には「オレは怒っている」と見えるが、裏を返せば「傷ついている」というSOSだ。しかし、表現が不器用で 理解されず、さらに孤立が深まる。2年前の正月に、集落での孤立を警察に相談したというが、正月に悩みを話せる相手が警察しかいないところまで、孤立が進んでしまっていたということだ。 

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事件の背後に何があったのかーー。住民らによると、保見容疑者は事件現場の金峰地区郷集落の出身。 約7キロ離れた中学校を卒業後に地元を出た。 

アパートで暮らし左官の仕事をしていたという。保見容疑者と同じ駐車場を利用していた近所の男性(67)は、 車に関するトラブルで保見容疑者に怒られたのを覚えている。アパートの住民とのいさかいも多かったといい 「息子も投げ飛ばされたことがあると言っていた」と話した。 

父親の介護で古里に戻ったころは、トラブルはなかった。介護を手伝っていた元ホームヘルパーの女性(65)に よるとむしろ「いつもありがとうございます」と丁寧にあいさつし、献身的だった。 


このころから住民とのトラブルが目立ち始めた。同級生の男性は「向こうから段々離れていった」と話す。 2003年には、今回の事件で殺害された被害者の一人が酒席で保見容疑者を刃物で刺したこともあった。 

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Re-criticality? Contaminated water at the Fukushima Daiichi, 2.3 billion Becquerel detection TEPCO to study

Re-criticality? Contaminated water at the Fukushima Daiichi, 2.3 billion Becquerel detection TEPCO to study

The 27th, TEPCO announced from water taken from galleries such as the cable at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant Unit 2 sea side passes, radioactive cesium of high concentration of 2.3 billion 50 million becquerels per liter has been detected. Potentially contaminated water flows immediately after the accident has accumulated is high.

TEPCO has detected Collect the contaminated water on the 26th. Cesium-134 is 750 million becquerels, cesium-137 was included 1.6 billion Becquerel. Radioactive substances that emit beta radiation, such as strontium were also 750 million becquerels detection. Concentration of approximately at the level was detected immediately after the accident.

TEPCO described as "believes contaminated water of high concentration and is ready to have remained in the mine shaft". However, there is also a possibility that leaked in the basement of the neighborhood, as well as examine in detail the future, to promote the construction solidify the ground so that it does not leak into the sea.

It is said with feigned ignorance TEPCO's investigation at this late hour, but I wonder knew from before last?


Both scholar who has deceived the public Te pouring away dog ​​lie as TEPCO on TV when an accident occurs

Both scholar who has deceived the public Te pouring away dog ​​lie as TEPCO on TV when an accident occurs

Guys following through TV on stage before becoming a level 7 still
It is those guys that has been cheated by the full of lies so that it is advantageous of TEPCO to the public.
Let's compared to now that these guys became a disaster nuclear accident is not out of hand no longer have to say.

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● neck Sekimura Naoto (University of Tokyo) NHK appearance number → 2 per Unit explosion? → cable coating burned black smoke of the re-appearance → 3 Unit at the pump car success
● It is all right in the DNA repair capacity of even taking a Keiichi Nakagawa (University of Tokyo) radiation
A few days ago, Nakagawa Keiichi it was news of NTV
I think, but the radioactive material was flowing out of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima
Fish was going to be not affected.
University of Tokyo Hospital radiation therapy team (team_nakagawa) on Twitter
It is all right in the DNA repair capacity of even taking a radiation. "Spinach is all right if I wash" and "will eliminate iodine if boiling" in twitter
"As long as measured before washing, spinach numbers lower" → "It is said that the measure after having washed it clean"
"Iodine is reduced if boiling" → The "did not reduce Once the experiment"
"Risk is smaller because there is half-life" ← New! (Half-life is supposed to have been taken into account in becquerels / sievert conversion formula)
> I think the exposure of the foot is a number sievert, it is 200 mSv or less in the radiation dose meter attached to the upper body, an abnormality has not come out in the blood test.
Exposure of the skin of the foot even if 3 sievert or less, symptoms will not come out.
This is because there is a "threshold" and "acute radiation injury".
● Even if after one hour on the scene, the level of pollution of Zhuge Muneo (Tokyo University Professor) now, one-tenth of the X-ray inspection
It was good to become beautiful now radioactivity is washed away in the rain 3/27 the other day
● by the auditor of Hiroshi Komiyama (University of Tokyo based-General) TEPCO, and fueled global warming threat for nuclear propulsion.
● Takashi Okamoto (University of Tokyo)
I do not say that progress has been made, only okay
"This time, nuclear power plant that the scholar of Takashi Okamoto was saying on NHK
I worked enough. Of that is because the automatic stop. I was saying how is such as "no trouble after that because I because of the tsunami of unexpected.
● I have deleted tweets Ryugo Hayano (The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Science Professor) Past
● If you continue 300 years to eat crap, spinach Yoshihisa Matsumoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Ibaraki is the level where the effect on the human body
"Do you even say to drink water of 300 Bq or more in case of infants?" Announcer at onlookers TV Asahi
"It is all right at all!" Yoshihisa
(Same day, warning. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and not to drink in infants more than 100 Bq)
All right because of genes in the human body bathed in radiation "lucky charm"! @ Ikegami
● It then → is the success of the blast valve, smoke Aritomi Masanori (Tokyo Tech) of Unit 1 to the Cabinet Secretariat participation!
● Kinugasa Yoshihiro (Tokyo Institute of Technology University) based on Nuclear Safety Commission members
This person you have a nickname of "active fault cutter" according to Shukan Post (3/28) released today
The reported short than the actual length of the active faults in the re-examination and survey of active faults nuclear power plant before construction
Seems to continue.
● to hear from the remarks dangerous, the authority of the Atomic Energy of Princeton University in the United States (red glasses of Tokyo Institute of Technology) Tetsuo Sawada is immediately this
It was the moss in Thousand "have not seen the scene, this man! I'm do not know anything Just looking at the TV screen" he said.
"Full of confidence" had been said to be no radioactivity leaks immediately after the earthquake, but "full of confidence" and said that things get worse anymore radiation leak steam explosion after building damage immediately after is not all right had, but "full of confidence" had said never seawater contaminated to be cooled by seawater are described using a pressurized-water model the deterioration Fukushima nuclear power plant further leaks to the outside situation also after that, Fukushima nuclear power plant is all right now that has entered the stable state completely 1-3 Unit temperature of the furnace is coming down in cooling by Dada leak seawater even in the soil to sea in radioactivity covered seawater that was used to cooling rather than a pressurized water "full of confidence" had to say but, Unit 2 and Unit 3 also rampage immediately after

"Radioactive material I'm entered into the spinach originally.. Also milk" Sawada 3/27 radioactive cesium 137 is halved in the body in the Omakase Akko It Tsu body half-life I said 's 70 days I do I was not about 108 days Te
● It is several times Michio Ishikawa (Japan Nuclear Technology Institute before President (now Senior Advisor)) of the Three Mile. Wahaha. @ Information statement

● interfere with the public Haruki Madarame (Tokyo University Professor, Nuclear Safety Commission Chairman) of SPEEDI estimate

● I do not think that cancer would increase in accident (Jikeiikadaigaku Associate Professor) of Fukushima this Urashima charge Kay.
● Masayuki Hasegawa (Tohoku University Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center, Research Professor,
Review Conference Chair in accordance with the safety of MOX fuel in original Onagawa Nuclear Power Station Unit 3)
● Masaharu Kitamura (Tohoku University Emeritus Professor of Tohoku University Future Science and Technology Joint Research Center Professor)
● charge Fujiwara Kei (Tohoku University, Graduate School of Engineering, Quantum Energy Engineering Assistant Professor)
● Masakazu Ohtake (Tohoku Univ Professor Emeritus)
● Yamana yuan (Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute Professor)
● come out well in Yamaguchi Akira (Osaka) NHK. Who were technicians Tokai Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation until recently
In flames in Unit 3, let the promotion of nuclear power in IAEA
Black smoke of Unit 3 is a machine oil
● Shin Nakamura (Osaka University Professor Emeritus) "radiation is good for the body"
● be able to drink 1700 liters × 2 × 10 (Miyane shop Osaka University Professor) at 210 Becquerel Murakami Hideaki
● there is no problem at all until bathe 100 millisieverts Tetsuo Ito (Kinki University Atomic Energy Research Institute, Miyane shop) year
Absolute all right to drink milk to eat in raw spinach
● number of Kenji Kamiya (Hiroshima Univ.) Japan is very grim. No problem even if I keep eating a one-year reference value.
Thyroid cancer in infants of Chernobyl is lower than the general public
● Masaharu Hoshi (Hiroshima Univ.) You guys, w'll compromising your health in too much worry
● Shunichi Yamashita, Noboru Takamura (Nagasaki University School of Medicine)
In fact the effects of radiation do not come to people who are laughing smile. You come to people who are sick.
This is found in a well-defined animal experiments. Person of the drinker Fortunately or unfortunately, I'm less influence of radiation. It does not mean never drink. Laughter removes radiation phobia of everyone how.
But, academically the laughter, the provision of information only can explain scientifically'm very little now.
Become a gun (at lecture of Fukushima around) even taking 100 mSv - It is one in 100 people. The ~'ll only accumulate in the muscle, even bathed cesium
● It is all right even beyond Akiba Kiyoshi foil (Kagoshima) provisional standard value! And then he said there was
● Kenzo Miya (Hosei Visiting Professor)
● Yoshiya Shimada ()

● "radiation all right because I was pours a large amount of earth Ancient" sophistry put out as an example of international Mitsuhashi, N. (Tokyojoshidai radiation oncology) 3/27 New York between Tokyo

● radioactivity fall along with rice bran, even with the water Shitamichi China (Fujita Health University) to the U.S.
● Takayuki Suzuki, Atsushi (Nuclear Safety Commission)
● different from the (Nuclear Safety Research Association) Chernobyl Takeda Mitsuji! Unnecessary something sarcophagus!
By cool in seawater, the situation will eventually converge
● Michio Ishikawa (Japan Nuclear Technology Institute before President (now Senior Advisor))
It is several times the Three Mile. Wahaha. @ Information statement
● I was exposed to local residents not dare tell on TV that the neutron is left when Mizuno commentary employee of (NHK) JCO accident
● I fueled world keeps an eye on re-operation Yamazaki commentary employee (NHK) last year's fast-breeder reactor Monju
● basic nuclear power plant and nuclear armament I also love the Katsuya Katsuya mince school
● Ikegami
● (patronized journalists Denjiren) 嶌 Nobuhiko
● milk 05:13 Ibaraki and Fukushima the 20th March (brain function scholar) 2011 Tomabechi Hideto, spinach is harmless. Half-life of iodine-131 has already passed
● remark "radioactivity is good for the body" in the program was Ie-jin Shin Nakamura (Tomo Saito Hiroshi Kai hospital director)

● Superstar Otsuki Yoshihiko professor of physics academia
Blog Otsuki Professor
Now is the nuclear accident of the problem, in my view a word,
Only "This, Earthquake of up to since the dawn of history
, This only gave each holding up well in the tsunami ",
It is a thing called.
I will highlight even reached here (snip) thing.
"Car is not safe, but it is necessary.
Nuclear power plant is not safe in the same way that it "is necessary.

I also Horensou milk is also calm.
Things stop shipment, please send because I eat.
You can keep eating three months,
I think at that time and how they propagate then.

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Bonus list

● 5 billion yen, the Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo from Tokyo Electric Power Company.
Keio University and Tokyo Institute of Technology and, in graduate school at the University of here and there across the country, TEPCO has scattered the current raw.
● Professor of laboratory TEPCO is to sponsor does not trust
● era "research funds earn on their own" in, corporate universities are independently incorporated
Drawstring man becomes a professor. I become such a result naturally.
You are expected to put Koizumi, Takenaka will destroy Japan now.

The Fukushima governor visit to the 22nd president of TEPCO



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●関村直人(東大) NHKでずっぱり→2号機爆発あたりでクビ?→ポンプ車成功で再登場→3号機の黒煙はケーブル被覆が燃え            た 
●中川恵一(東大)  放射線をあびてもDNAの修復能力で大丈夫  
●東大病院放射線治療チーム (team_nakagawa) on Twitter 
●諸葛宗男(東大特任教授) いまの汚染のレベルは、現場に1時間立っていても、レントゲン検査の10分の1  
    3/27 こないだの雨で放射能が洗い流されて今は綺麗になってよかった 
●小宮山宏(東大元総長) 東電の監査役にして、原発推進のために地球温暖化脅威論を煽った。 
●岡本孝司(東大)  進展している、大丈夫しか言わない 
●早野龍五(東大大学院理学系研究科教授)  過去のツイート消しちゃった 
●松本義久(東工大)  茨城のほうれん草は、メチャメチャ食べて300年続けたら、人体にも影響があるレベルです 
    よしひさ  「全然大丈夫です!」 
●有富正憲(東工大)  1号機の煙は爆破弁の成功です→その後、内閣官房参与に! 
●澤田哲生(東工大の赤メガネ)  アメリカのプリンストン大学の原子力の権威が 
    3/27 「放射性物質はもともとほうれんそうにはいってるんですよ。牛乳にも。」 
    澤田氏はアッコにおまかせで放射性セシウム137が体内で半分になるのは70日って言いましたね 体内半減期って108日くらいじゃなかったですかね 
●斑目春樹(東大教授、原子力安全委員会委員長) SPEEDI試算の公開を妨害 

3 :名無しさん@お腹いっぱい。(東京都):2011/03/29(火) 14:26:29.78 ID:n292E2/40 
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●浦島 充佳(慈恵医科大学准教授)  今回の福島の事故でもガンが増えるということは無いと思います。 
元女川原子力発電所3号機におけるプルサーマルの安全性に係る検討会議 座長) 
●村上秀明(ミヤネ屋 大阪大学教授) 210ベクレルでも1700リットル×2×10飲める 
●神谷研二(広島大) 日本の数値は非常に厳しいです。基準値を1年間食べ続けても問題ない。 
●星正治(広島大)  おまえら、心配しすぎで健康を損なうぞw 
●山下俊一、高村 昇(長崎大学医学部) 
●秋葉澄伯(鹿児島大) 暫定基準値越えても大丈夫!とか言ってたし 
●三橋紀夫(東京女子大放射線腫瘍学)3/27 ニューヨーク東京間の国際線を例に出して詭弁 
●下道國(藤田保健大) 米に水を使ってもぬかといっしょに放射能が落ちる 
●武田充司(原子力安全研究会) チェルノブイリとは違う!石棺なんか不要! 
●水野解説員(NHK) JCO事故のときに中性子線が出てることをテレビであえて伝えずに周辺住民を被曝させた 
●山崎解説員(NHK) 昨年高速増殖炉もんじゅの再運転時に世界が注目していると煽った 
●勝谷 ミンス派の勝谷も基本は原発&核武装大好き 
●苫米地英人(脳機能学者)2011年03月20日05:13 茨城・福島の牛乳、ほうれん草は無害だ。ヨウ素131の半減期は既に過ぎている 



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東電社長 22日に福島知事訪問 




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