Bad manners clean up of canteen of South Korea

Lunch after school in Korea is too terrible! ! It's the way always leftovers ... tray cluttered, it was sown? - (51 minutes 17:05 月 9, 2013) AOL News

Such as criticism flooded.

One picture shocking is being spread, it would be that it is better if South Korea a lot of heavy users of the Internet, but would have surprised that picture was floating around in the net as it were to the school, and official explanation besides not be trusted even if the, would be criticized for .... By the way, according to where the South Korean media found out then, women of meal delivery charge of feeding strikes during the day. In addition, since students of bread and usually lunch also tried to eat lunch in the menu of popular, such as hamburger and pasta, distribution rate will no longer keep up, and that was getting about the diet delivery charge of school lunches to students.


Rape national sport of South Korea

Rape national sport of South Korea

The 10th, South Korea President's Office announced it had dismissed, Yoon Chang weight (Yoon Chang Jun) spokesman who had accompanied the visit to the United States Park Geun (Park Ohakune) President.
Alleged sexual harassment, the Korean women trainees were dispatched from a Korean embassy has emerged.

The incident occurred on the night of 7 to U.S. President Barack Obama and President Park has finished the summit. Drinking alcohol in the vicinity of the White House,
Done in hotel away about a 10-minute drive from the hotel of accommodation, to have a sexual harassment act to women. It was a stone's throw away from the eyes of Blair House, President Park had stayed.
But, between sexual harassment furor is until I wake up, a variety of problems seems to have occurred in the field.

South Korean media "New Daily" is told in detail about the events of this time. Article "In-Akira heavy sexual harassment? According to what is "whether there was really,
Yoon said he has often enraged women apprentices. Women had been employed as a local guide and interpreter,
I was out a mistake at work for example, does not arrange scheduled time a car that Yoon ride.

Korean American embassy also made a serious mistake. 7 day and night that the United States and South Korea summit meeting has taken place, dinner to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the US-ROK alliance may have been opened,
embassy officials he could not get to the venue because of the late (83) elder of the U.S. Democratic Party was going to where it is the toast, Charles Rangel Congressman.
Rep. Rangel explained, "We are supposed to be the toast," but the embassy staff are not allowed to admission,
I was able to admission staff of Korea Cheong Wa Dae that she noticed. Was busy trying settling for this uproar was Yoon.

Dinner is over, Yoon went to the hotel bar with his press and women.
And apologized to angry to this, Yoon broke up in about 30 minutes with a cup of sake.

Since then, however, call the Only Women, Yoon drank only two people in a hotel room. I went the act of sexual harassment first time at this time.
Woman left the room in protest, but when go to the room from what was called Yoon again, that ranged in sexual harassment action for the second time.
Woman is after this, that it has declared a sexual harassment victim to the police.

According to the reporter that drank with two people, Yoon did not show up for the dates of the 8th.
I seen at this point, sexual harassment act of Yoon and had become a major issue in the presidential Funai probably.
1:30 pm on the 8th, purchase airline tickets from Washington to go South Korea, Yoon returned home by one person.

President's Office in Los Angeles, I announced the dismissal of Yoon.
Reason that "because it has determined to conduct inappropriate behavior as the high-level public officials, and hurt the quality of state".

"Disgraceful because of the country," Internet users in South Korea "s. Visit to the United States fail It's not far from commotion of taint"
The accused Yoon "or tried to raise a salute of 60 anniversary of the US-ROK alliance" or "... though it is first official trip overseas".
And community site is rough violently in the comments about Yoon.


Common sense of South Korea insane world

Is the Italian manufacturer that received a protest from Internet users in South Korea as was used in the product image of the Rising Sun flag,
There was the "Do not use if unpleasant" and events that refute "We are living in 2013," and so on. South Korea spans more than one media reported.

The 8th, Internet users in South Korea, "manufacturer of insane Italian insulted the history of our country throughout the product, was a fool" in the face of its own book
Post a comment with. I posted some photos of the case for smart phones.

Case for smart phones the thing which the Italian manufacturer "Benjamins" was designed,
Figure sunlight spread to every direction on the entire surface has been drawn. The product names are marked as "S4FJP-SKILLFWD JAPANESE VINTAGE FLAG".

Questioned the product, the Rising Sun flag "You've used, the user's flag Japanese war criminals of World War II in Benjamins company.
Rising Sun flag is a symbol of identity and Harken Kreuz Germany, I can not believe this flag to have been used in the product.
sent a protest e-mail with "know that you made that this product receives an outcry from consumers.

But Benjamins Company, refuted protest of users through e-mail reply. Describes "(Rising Sun flag)'s a simple flag," said
"When it is your logic, flag of Germany because of the Nazis, and what will be the Stars and Stripes should not be used because of the bombing?"
"Buy. Products alive in 2013 now is good, we do have to buy it otherwise",
The claimed "envy seem to have enough room to send such a mail to us. May be able to laugh as much as you want" he said.

According to the Korean media, the Facebook of the user who published a series of exchanges, comments condemning the Benjamins companies that are gathered.

旭日旗のイメージを製品に使用したとして韓国のインターネットユーザーから抗議を受けたイタリアのメーカーが、 「嫌なら使うな」、「私たちは2013年に生きている」などと反論する出来事があった。複数の韓国メディアが報じた。

韓国のネットユーザーは8日、自身のフェイスブックに「非常識なイタリアのメーカーが製品を通じてわが国の歴史を侮辱し、ばかにした」 とのコメントを投稿。スマートフォン用のケースの写真も掲載した。

全面に太陽光線が八方に広がる図が描かれていた。製品名は「S4FJP-SKILLFWD JAPANESE VINTAGE FLAG」と記されていた。

ユーザーは製品を問題視し、Benjamins社に「あなた方が使用した旭日旗は、第2次大戦の日本の戦犯旗だ。 旭日旗はドイツのハーケンクロイツと同一の象徴であり、この旗が製品に使用されたとは信じられない。





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